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Travellers, Las Titis live in their suitcases, and wherever they go, they
carry their shows with them, available for hire:

Titis Tour

Dance, comedy and magic number. Two old friends sail the world in a magical bathtub. Embarked on their own dreams, they take a break for a picnic, which turns into a tour of unlikely choreographies. In their bags and in their memories, these eccentric women carry small, great treasures, which magically reveal themselves. Between one cup of tea and another, their bodies rejuvenate in the eyes of the public, who are constantly invited to participate in this sensorial journey.

Creative interpreters: Iris Fiorelli and Mi Chan Tchung

Creative and choreographic guidance: cie. To Fleur de Peau

Musical orientation: Noise Max

Magic Guidance: Celio Amino

Public: Free

Duration: 15 minutes 

Titis Tour


Comic magic show. An eccentric and captivating clown waits for a magician's show to begin. Curious, she goes through his suitcase, finds a bottle, drinks the mixture inside and magically... becomes the protagonist! It presents magic and dance numbers filled with comedy.

Creator interpreter: Iris Fiorelli

Technique: Mi Chan Tchung

Driving Guidance: Juliet Zarza

Original music: Edézio Aragão

Costume production: Adalicia da Silva Santos.

Public: Free

Duration: 45 minutes

Madame Nuage

Madame Nuage

Seeing drawings in a cloud is an ancestral poetic exercise. Madame Nuage offers passers-by the opportunity to produce drawings on her skirt, in a public exercise in expressing imagination. With chalk in one hand and eraserin the other, the dreamlike living statue stands out in the crowd, attracting especially children, who happily indulge in this ephemeral creative encounter.

Public: Family

Duration: up to 4 hours straight


Creation:Mi Chan Tchung

Direction: Kris Niklison

Art: Hugo Haddad


Public: Adults
Duration:  20 min with each "client"

Petit Cabaret

How about starting with an entry? A Garden of Curiosities... or perhaps a Tasting of Words. For the main course, I suggest I'm all ears. And for dessert: Whisper, Surprise or Miss? Coffee only has one: Human Heat, which is served according to your taste. In this one-to-one show, each dish on the Menu offered by Mi Chan Tchung is an invitation to a fortuitous encounter, an interaction that is both brief and profound, which awakens the senses, memories and dreams.

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