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Dancing travelling comic women

Las Titis

Las Titis are young old women who understood from an early age
that the meaning of life is the cultivation of happiness every day.

We are Iris Fiorelli and Mi Chan Tchung: friends, artists, Brazilians.

We met in 2006 at a workshop with Nancy Stark Smith, a pioneer of Contact
Improvisation dance. Since then our paths have crossed and crisscrossed around the world, in festivals and in events that we organize and attend.

In 2020 we created the company Las Titis

Our language is based on Contact Improvisation dance, clowning, therapeutic somatic arts and travels practices that reflect our way of relating to the world.

Performers of everyday life, we ritualize happiness-generating habits.

We develop scenic and pedagogical creations for children, youth, adults and seniors, always inestigating the intersections between art, health, love and humor.

We work in solos, duo or in cooperation with other artists and
health professionals.

Photo: Linna Karo

Iris Fiorelli

Enthusiastic. Graduated in Hatha Yoga and Inclusive Dance for Children s. Since 1997, he has been dedicated to clown and dance, especially to Contacto Improvisation. She lives in nature, invests in somatic practices and dances in the water. He teaches, organizes and works on his own projects and those of other directors. Itinerant, he circulates with his solo comic magic, Magavilha.


Mi Chan Tchung

Patient. Bachelor in Communication of the Arts of the Body and Licentiate in Pedagogy, currently studying postgraduate studies in Play Therapy and training in Art Therapy. Practitioner and promoter of Contact Improvisation dance since 2005, she is also an artistic and audiovisual producer. Dedicated to the poetry of small things, she travels with her performances Menu and Madame Nuage.

Photo: Linna Karo

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