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Collection of simple technologies for good living, for different audiences and ages, our proposals can always be adapted to local needs.


Las Titis' Therapeutic Exercises

Practices for happiness and longevity! In these meetings we will do stretching, breathing, self-massage and improvisation exercises. Las Titis' pedagogy is based on simple proposals, which use the personal repertoire of gestures, emotions and memories, in order to retell and give new meaning to each person's stories, from a loving and comical perspective.


Rolling on floor laughing

Relaxed training to make the body and mind available for the here-and-now. Techniques to sharpen perception, intuition and care for our health and joy while we improvise / dance / live. Exercises to awaken the creative, sensitive and authentic self, with the possibility of ending with a “Talent Show” with Las Titis as MC.

Contact Games

In this practice we will explore the principles of Contact Improvisation dance in a playful and intuitive way. Through movement, we will work with some instinctive feelings, such as the dream of flying, the fear of falling and the desire to return to the womb. In this way, we will seek to access the "dance state", where we are pure presence and spontaneity.


Dancing Landscapes

The nervous system rests and relaxes in nature. At the same time, the infinite amount of sensory stimuli from natural environments - colors, textures, smells, flavors and sounds - provides us with perceptual breadth. This mix of relaxation and stimulation offers powerful guides for our movement.

Moving Landscapes is a gentle invitation for perception to alternate between inside and outside us, thus moving our internal and external landscapes. Simple exercises to raise awareness and improvise, in which each body brings its own dance. An experience of healing, rest and delight for the senses.

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